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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Character bound Items

Some items are bound to your character when you used it ( Chipsets ) or they are bound to begin with ( Event items, Quest items ). When an item is bound, you can no longer trade it with other poeple. When the item isn't bound, the Character Bound is in green colour while when bound is in red colour.

digimon masters online chipset, dragon roar
Item is not Bound

digimon masters online chipset, metal empire
Item is Bound


  1. so, can you sell this Character Bound items? I want to sell so many HP and Attack Mergeable items, but when I start the shop, some red text says that I can't sell those items.. come on! Some people sell those items in there own shops! what is happening here?

  2. i wisk i know my friend and to sell it to

  3. So can you sell CB items in your own shops?

  4. once you use the chipset then u could NEVER trade or sell that chipset.it's so frstrating, that I have 32 evos but all of em' are CB....