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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Digivice and Chipsets Guides


A digivice is required to use a chipset. To get a digivice, simply complete the main quest at Dats Centre. There is only one type of digivice available in game. Every digivice have 2 slots for chipsets.

digimon masters online digivice

You can delete digimon with digivice too. For more information on delete digimon, please refer to How to Delete Digimon Guides.


Chipset are just like attributes, but, chipset are for digimon instead of tamer, and any chipset in use will not affect the stat of tamer.

Every family attribute have 4 types of chipsets in game.  These are Attack ( AP ), Defense ( DE ), Digi - soul ( DS ) and health point ( HP ). And every chipsets have 6 level, the higher the level, the better the chipset and each level of chipset required different level of digimon to be able to use it.

To be able to use a chipset, several conditions must be met

digimon masters online chipset, dragon roar, dr

For example, the picture above is a Dragon Roar ( HP ) Chipset level 5, to be able to use the chipset on your digimon.

1. The chipset must pair with your digimon's family attribute. Which means, you cannot use a DR chipset on Tentomon which family attribute belongs to NSP and JT.

2. Even if your digimon's family attribute pair with DR, your digimon must reach the level required of the chipset, which is level 46. So, your digimon must reach level 46 to be able to use the chipset.

So, when both the condition are met, then it will show - Able to apply ChipSet Ability. When it does, it show - Unable to apply ChipSet Ability.

After the chipset is successfully applied, your digimon's stat will increase by the exact amount, unlike the % Apply Att on tamer's equipment.

digimon masters online digivice, stat, status

From the above picture, as I used 2 NSP ( AP ) level 6 chipsets, my digimon AT is increased by 138.

Do mind that when a chipset is used, it will be character bound.

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